places to keep business cardsOne of the biggest (and most common) sales sins is not having a business card when you need it. Whether you’re at a networking event or you just happen to meet a potential prospect while standing in line, not having a business card with you smacks of unpreparedness and amateurism.

Don’t be caught without a business card! At a party, in an airport or on the slopes, you should always have cards with you. (They’re not doing you any good sitting in that desk drawer.) Here are an even dozen places to keep your cards so they’re always within reach:

1. Pocket
2. Purse
3. Briefcase
4. Gym bag
5. Diaper bag
6. Glove compartment
7. Bicycle saddle bag
8. Wallet
9. PDA case
10. Pad holder/padfolio
11. Backpack
12. Carry-on bag

Right now, while you’re thinking about it, go put some business cards in each of the above items you have. Then, when you need them, they’ll be right there waiting for you.