Normally in sales, it’s good to think big. But sometimes, it can be helpful to think small instead. When budgets are squeezed and credit is crunched, you can boost your sales by offering value-sized and value-priced options.

Sure a big sale is better than a small sale, but a small sale is better than no sale at all. And hey, a lot of  companies—and a lot of salespeople—can use every sale they can get.

So, how can you make your product or service more easily fit your prospect’s downsized budget? Consider one or more of the following:

• Offer a smaller size.
• Offer a smaller quantity.
• Break up your product or service into individual pieces and sell them a la carte.
• Offer a stripped-down version of your product or service, with fewer extras.
• Offer your service for a shorter length of time. (e.g. 30 minutes vs. 60 minutes)
• Require a shorter commitment. (e.g. 3 months vs. a year)
• Serialize your offering so customers can spread out the use and the payments.

Bigger isn’t always better. And if you’re having difficulty making sales because people can’t afford your product or service in it’s present state, it may be beneficial (to both of you) to downsize it.