Subliminal SellingI just got around to reading last Sunday’s Parade magazine (okay, I’m a little behind at the moment) and found a great article by Martin Lindstrom on subliminal advertising. He wasn’t talking about hidden messages (which are actually illegal), but rather, the tricks marketers use to capitalize on human psychology.

For instance, he notes, many products have useless materials built into them just to increase their weight, because people believe the heavier something is, the better the quality. Another example is American products associating themselves with foreign cities or countries to improve their cachet. He also discusses the power of ritual, how a product’s shape influences our attitude toward it and two different ways music affects our buying behavior.

There are several lessons for anyone involved in sales or marketing:
• Selling is about psychology more than anything else.
• Perception is reality.
• Know what your prospect wants, needs, fears, believes and values.
• Much of your prospect’s buying decision is subconscious.
• It’s more important for you to understand your prospect than for them to
understand your product.

Check out the article. And read anything else you can on human psychology. Because the more you learn about how people think, the more you know about why people buy.