If your prospect attended college—or their children do—find out where. (You can find out directly from your prospect, from an associate or from their profile on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.) Then when you need a gift to send in advance of a cold call, as a follow-up or as a thank-you, you can give them something with their college logo on it.

Most colleges and universities have online stores with a wide variety of merchandise. Here are 26 ideas:

1. Hat
2. Coasters
3. Mug
4. Shot glass
5. Can cooler
6. Pennant
7. T-shirt
8. Sweat shirt
9. Jersey
10. Stadium cushion
11. Calendar
12. Framed print
13. Earrings
14. Cuff links
15. Lapel pin
16. License plate frame
17. Specialty food items
18. Golf balls
19. Golf club head covers
20. Window decal
21. Bumper sticker
22. Scarf
23. Tie
24. Pen
25. Christmas tree ornament
26. Stuffed mascot

The best gift reflects their personal taste and interests, but even if you don’t know the person and you’re just sending the gift in advance of a cold call, anything from their alma mater will make a personal (and powerful) impact.