89 seconds to sales successDo you have a minute-and-a-half? Then you have time to improve your sales acumen.

That’s the premise behind Mike Faber’s book 89 Seconds to Sales Success (Broadcast Your Best™ Publishing, $15.95). Faber presents 50 tips, insights and strategies, each of which can be read in 89 seconds or less. Which means you can get a quick hit of sales advice each work day for a couple of months, or—if you’re the impatient type—you can polish off the entire book in just over an hour.

Either way, the book is definitely worth the minimal time investment.

Faber offers concrete solutions for many of the common challenges salespeople and business owners regularly face. Challenges like what to do when you reach a plateau, how to reduce feelings of overwhelm and when to ask for referrals. I particularly like his suggestion for dealing with the fears that plague us all.

Faber also shares:
• How to put failures into perspective
• Six ways to demonstrate your sincerity
• The problem with most in-house sales training
• Four key questions to ask yourself each day
• And more than a dozen great questions to ask prospects.

The book’s tone is light and conversational, making it enjoyable to read. And rather than brag about his success, Mike relates many of his failures, focusing on the lessons he learned.

By the way, if you’re a sales manager, business owner or CEO, take a look at Faber’s other book, 89 Seconds to Leadership Success. Written in a similar manner to the sales volume, you’ll find fifty actionable strategies based on six key principles for leadership success.

And regardless of your position, check out Faber’s innovative sales training tool, The 52 Greatest Business Development Questions Ever. It’s a card deck featuring 52 powerful sales questions, along with four ways to use the cards. Besides Texas Hold ‘em, that is.

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89 Seconds to Sales Success

89 Seconds to Leadership Success

The 52 Greatest Business Development Questions Ever!