Things You Can Compete On Besides PriceIn sales, the single worst factor you can compete on is price. Selling on price guarantees you a razor-thin profit margin. As well as constant customer turnover, because price buyers are notorious for having no loyalty—they’ll switch as soon as someone else offers a lower price.

And that’s assuming you make the first sale to begin with, which you likely won’t, because the vast majority of buyers make their decisions based on a multitude of factors besides price. So if you’re competing solely on price, you’ll lose the sale most of the time.

What can you compete on instead? Here are 47 other factors:

1. Construction quality
2. Quality of materials or ingredients
3. Safety
4. Environmental friendliness
5. Convenience
6. Durability
7. Ease of setup/installation
8. Years of experience
9. Warranty
10. Comfort
11. Energy efficiency
12. Color choices
13. Accuracy
14. Speed
15. Ease of use
16. Customization
17. Exclusivity
18. Hours/days of operation
19. Security
20. User training
21. Design
22. Maintenance ease
23. Maintenance cost
24. Risk
25. Consistency
26. Power
27. Capacity
28. Location
29. Resale value
30. Customer experience
31. Size
32. Track record
33. Versatility
34. Pickup and/or delivery
35. Operational costs
36. Taste
37. Packaging
38. Reliability
39. Specialization
40. Customer service
41. Longevity of product
42. Longevity of results
43. Healthiness
44. Company stability
45. Return policy
46. Uniqueness
47. Mobility

Figure out which of these items relate to your product or service and emphasize them rather than trying to beat everyone else’s price. You’ll make more sales at higher profits with stronger loyalty.

What other factors do you compete on? Share them in the comments below!