26 Ways to Keep Your Stress Down and Your Energy UpIn my last post, I discussed the dangerous physical and mental effects of elevated cortisol levels and how laughter can lower them. As awesome as laughter is, though, it’s not the only way to reduce cortisol levels. There are a lot of things you can do to combat cortisol. Here are 26 proven ways:

1. Exercise
2. Meditate
3. Eat healthy
4. Get enough sleep
5. Drink plenty of water
6. Spend time on a hobby
7. Play games
8. Do puzzles
9. Work in your garden
10. Socialize (virtually, for the time being)
11. Read inspiring books and blogs
12. Watch inspiring videos, TV shows, and movies
13. Listen to music
14. Plan, strategize, create, and think
15. Indulge in dark chocolate
16. Chew gum
17. Consume probiotics and prebiotics
18. Drink black or green tea
19. Journal
20. Practice tai chi or another martial art
21. Touch—hugging, cuddling, sex, back rubs, holding hands, etc.
22. Adopt a pet
23. Forgive yourself and release guilt
24. Forgive others and release anger
25. Practice your spirituality
26. Engage in a creative activity—draw, paint, write, etc.

Now, more than ever, taking proactive care of your health is critical to your sales, business, and personal success. Include as many of these strategies into your daily routine as possible, not just now, but after the COVID-19 crisis passes. You’ll reduce your stress and anxiety, while boosting your energy and mental clarity. You’ll be more positive, creative, and productive. All of which will benefit your sales, your company, and your family.