Don’t scan this code!

Have you tapped into the power of QR codes yet? If not, what are you waiting for? QR codes have enormous potential as sales and marketing tools.

For those unfamiliar with them, a QR (Quick Response) code is a square-shaped bar code (like the one at left) that can be scanned with a smartphone’s camera, using a free code-scanning app.

The code is essentially a link to whatever you want it to be. Which means, when someone scans your code, it can load your website, your brochure or any other type of digital content right on their phone. It’s the next wave of mobile marketing.

However, to get your potential customers to scan your QR code, you need to give them a good reason to do so. What will they get, see or be able to do if they scan your code?

Here are 22 ideas:

1. Free article or special report
2. Game
3. Discount code or coupon
4. Additional resources
5. App
6. Ebook
7. Quiz
8. Buyer’s guide
9. Planning guide
10. Brochure
11. Video
12. Song
13. Interview
14. Demo
15. Free subscription
16. Photos
17. Slide show
18. Event passes
19. Contest entry
20. Book excerpt
21. Tutorial
22. webinar

Think about what items on this list would make good incentives for your target market. Then choose one or more and link it to a QR code. (There are plenty of web sites that will generate a QR code for you free of charge.) Incorporate your code into your various marketing efforts, being sure to state what awaits those who scan it.

Using QR codes will drive more traffic to your web site, strengthen your brand message and increase engagement with your prospects, all at zero cost. And when you can achieve those three things, the result is more sales.

By the way, how have you used QR codes? Or seen them used? Share your experiences in the comments below!