17-sales-tips-from-influence-17As a professional keynote speaker and sales trainer, I am—naturally—a member of the National Speakers Association. So of course I was in Orlando last week for NSA’s annual convention, known as Influence 2017.

More than 1200 of the world’s best professional speakers gathered for four days to learn from each other. The result was an incredible outpouring of business insights and ideas.

Here, in no particular order, are seventeen of the best:

1. “Learn from outside your industry to stand out within your industry.”—Sekou Andrews (@sekouandrews)
If the only examples you’re learning from are within your own industry, you will never be better or different than anyone else. Look outside your industry for ideas and inspiration.

2. “Stories change brain chemistry.”—Kindra Hall (@kindramhall)
New research has discovered that well-told stories trigger the release of oxytocin, which causes people to be more empathetic and more compliant. Find your stories, learn how to tell them effectively, and incorporate them into your marketing and sales efforts.

3. “In every interaction, we increase or decrease trust.”—David Horsager (@DavidHorsager)
Trust is vital to your sales, and everything you do—everything everyone in your organization does—impacts it, either for better or worse. Review your policies and marketing materials, hire mystery shoppers and outside consultants, and train your people continually.

4. “Take I” out of your language.”—Jill Lublin (@JillLublin)
People care about themselves, their families, their jobs, their businesses, their friends, etc. They don’t care about you, your company, or your product. So talk less about those things and more about your prospect.

5. “By the end of 2017, up to 90% of internet traffic will be video.”—Bill Cates (@Bill_Cates)
Video is becoming more important by the day. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. What are some ways you could incorporate more video into your marketing and sales efforts?

6. “You’ve got to have a call to action.”—Marquesa Pettway (@SpeakerTalk)
In any marketing or sales interaction—whether it’s an advertisement, an email, a phone call, or a sales presentation—you need to let your prospect know what to do next. Otherwise they’re likely to do nothing, because: a) they’re busy, and b) nothing is typically the easiest thing to do.

7. “The things you are good at are the enemies of the things you are best at.”—Sierra Modro (@sierramodro)
There are a lot of things you can do, but the things you should do are the things you’re best at. The more time you spend on things you’re not great at, the less time you have to spend on the thing you’re awesome at. Delegate, outsource, or let it go.

8. “Our beliefs dictate our actions in life.”—Vinh Giang (@AskVinh)
Our positive, empowering beliefs enable us to achieve and succeed. Our negative, limiting beliefs not only keep us from succeeding, they can prevent us from even trying in the first place! What beliefs are holding you back?

9. “People share on social media out of self-interest.”—Erin Gargan (@eringargan)
People don’t share content because you want them to. They share because they want to be perceived as funny, or caring, or in-the-know. So if you want people to share what you post, create content that makes people look good for sharing it.

10. “A confused mind does nothing.”—Colin Sprake (@ColinSprake)
It’s easy to overwhelm a prospect with data, instructions, or options. But overwhelm will cause them to shut down. Simplify things for your prospects. Make interactions and next steps easy. People love easy.

11. “Doing something little can turn into something big.”—LeAnn Thieman (@LeAnnThieman)
A small client can turn into a big client. A small product can become a huge seller. A small gesture toward a customer can lead to massive referrals. A small risk can result in a great reward.

12. “Create good habits and rituals.”—Walter Bond (@walterbond)
Good habits and rituals help us to be more efficient and effective. Bad habits and rituals hinder us, slow our progress, and even sabotage us. Identify your bad habits and rituals and work on replacing them with good ones that will enable your success.

13. “Find a way to say ‘yes.’”—Randy Pennington (@RandyPennington
Prospects and customers hate the word “no.” It makes them frustrated, disappointed, and angry. They love the word “yes” however. It creates excitement, happiness, and gratitude. So look for ways to convert a “no” into a “yes.”

14. “People are willing to help, but you have to ask.”—Michele Payn (@mpaynspeaker)
Too often we avoid asking for help when we need it. We view asking for help as weakness and failure. But the reality is that no one ever succeeds alone. We all need help. And most people are happy to provide it. Just ask.

15. “Stop pushing. Let them come to you.”—Brad Montgomery (@bradmontgomery)
A common sales mistake is trying too hard. The more you press, the more desperate you appear. And the more pressure you apply to a prospect, the more likely they are to retreat. Relax. Chill. Calm down. Invite, encourage, and inspire your prospects instead of pushing harder.

16. “Who have you asked to buy from you?”—Melissa J. Nixon (@melissajnixon)
The above admonition should not be misconstrued as taking a completely hands-off approach. On the contrary, you always have to ask for the sale. If you want prospects to buy, you need to ask them to. You don’t have to be pushy or obnoxious, just ask.

17. “Serve and don’t keep score.”—Brian Walter (@thebrianwalter)
Sales is service. Service is sales. Serve your customers, serve your employees, serve your community. The more you serve, the more you’ll sell. And the more you’ll succeed.


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