sales questions you must answerWhen it comes to making a buying decision, prospects have a lot on their minds. Whether they’re consumers or business buyers, they have a lot of fears, concerns and doubts. And as long as those uncertainties remain unresolved, they’re going to be hesitant to buy.

The challenge is, prospects don’t always voice their fears and doubts. That can lead a salesperson to think those anxieties don’t exist.

Trust me, they do.

If you want to close the sale, you need to answer these questions that are swirling around inside your prospect’s head:

1. Can I trust you?

2. Can I trust your company?

3. Will your product or service actually work?

4. Is this the right product or service for me?

5. Will your product (or the results of your service) last?

6. Will you deliver on time?

7. Is it worth the money?

8. How can I justify the expense? (Note: A very different question!)

9. Can I feel good about buying from you?

10. Will you make me look good?

11. How can I minimize the risks involved?

12. Who can help me if I have questions?

13. If something goes wrong, will you fix it?

14. Can I get my money back if it doesn’t work?

15. How can I make sure I’m making the right decision?

Notice these questions have virtually nothing to do with the features and benefits of your product or service. They have everything to do with your prospect. So reciting a list of all your product’s cool features won’t get the job done.

Instead, come up with good answers to these questions and build them into your presentation. You’ll connect with your prospect on an emotional level, which is, of course, where decisions are made. Alleviate their fears, concerns and doubts, and you will have paved the way for a sale.