13 Ways to Sharpen Your Sales SkillsWith COVID-related shutdowns, record unemployment numbers, and corporate bankruptcies on the increase, this may be the toughest sales environment any of us have ever experienced. Which means now, more than ever, you need your sales skills to be as robust as possible.

If you’re fortunate enough to work for a company with its own training department, now is the time to double down on the resources it has to offer.

But what if—like most of us—you don’t work for such a company? Or what if your company’s training department gets cut due to cost-saving measures? How can you improve your sales skills? Here are thirteen ways:

1. Read sales blogs

2. Read books on sales and related subjects

3. Read your industry’s magazine or newsletter

4. Watch training videos online

5. Listen to sales-related podcasts

6. Ask your sales manager to critique and coach you

7. Role-play with colleagues or your manager

8. Find a mentor

9. Attend seminars (this one might have to be on hold for a while)

10. Attend webinars

11. Join a coaching program

12. Join a sales mastermind group

13. Hire a coach

You don’t have to utilize all these strategies, of course. But the more you do, the better off you’ll be. Over the course of my professional career, I’ve employed nearly all these approaches. And to this day I still use more than half of them regularly.

Because as I frequently say in my keynote speeches and workshops: “The sale doesn’t typically go to the best product. The sale doesn’t typically go to the cheapest product. The sale typically goes to the best salesperson.”

And that salesperson can be you.

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