Your Job is Not to Sell AnythingA lot of people hate selling. But that’s because they have the wrong idea of what selling is.

Too many people believe that sales is about manipulating prospects into doing something they don’t want to do. That it’s about conning a person into buying your product instead of someone else’s. That it’s about doing whatever it takes to separate a buyer from their money, even if it includes pressuring, lying, or cheating.

That’s not what sales is.

Sales is helping people acquire the things they want and need for a better life. It’s assisting them in making a good buying decision. It’s helping buyers overcome their fears and reduce their confusion so they can purchase something that enables them to solve a problem or achieve a goal. It’s preventing them from making a mistake that would cost them money, time or aggravation.

In other words, selling is being a customer advocate. A consultant. An assistant. A counselor. An advisor.

Which means looking out for your prospect’s best interests. Asking questions to enable them to determine their needs, wants, and concerns. Helping your buyer navigate through the maze of options and choices. Providing them with the benefit of your knowledge and experience. Giving them the confidence to make a decision and feel good about it. Being there for your customer after the sale.

As a salesperson, business owner, or professional, that’s your job. Think of selling in these terms and you’ll see that it’s a job you can be proud of.

Great salespeople don’t sell anything. They help people buy.