you-dont-get-what-you-deserveIn a perfect world, everyone would get what they deserved. Good things would happen to good people and bad things would happen to bad people. The harder you worked, the more money you’d earn. The better your product or service, the more sales you’d make.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect. Far from it. But while the world isn’t perfect, it does operate on some principles that you can use to your advantage.

And one of those principles is this: People don’t get what they deserve. They get what they belive they deserve.

Whatever you believe about yourself, you manifest. If you’re a professional, you won’t charge more than you think you’re worth. If you’re a salesperson and you believe your product or service isn’t worth as much as a competitor’s, you won’t sell as much of it or for as much money.

And that goes for everything in your life: the company you work for, your romantic partner, your living conditions, the way others treat you—all of it is based on what you believe deep down that you deserve.

The tragedy is that too many of us don’t value ourselves sufficiently. So we don’t ask for as much as we should. We don’t fight for the sale or the raise or the right partner. We settle.

Whether our feelings of unworthiness stem from our upbringings, religion, or negative media messages, they hold us back from achieving the success and living the life we could.

So what can you do about it? Talk with a therapist, mentor, or coach. Read self-help books and watch self-help videos. Attend seminars. Check out exercises online. Then work at it. Mindsets don’t change overnight. But as you build your belief and confidence in yourself, you’ll start to see better results.

You deserve a lot. Probably much more than you’re getting right now. But what you get is ultimately up to what you believe you should. So the question is: How much are you really worth?