Why Your Business Needs to Be More FunOne of my favorite pieces of research in the field of sales and marketing is a survey of B2B buyers conducted by Britt Beemer for American Demographics Magazine. In it, Beemer found that 70.1% of respondents would switch to a different vendor if the company was more fun to do business with.

When I first read it, I was surprised. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Buyers—even business buyers—are human beings. And human beings like to have fun! (I know—SHOCKING, right?)

The implications of this one, simple statistic are profound. It means that the features and benefits of your product or service are not all-important. It means that quality, selection, and price are not as important to your market as you think they are. It means that customer experience has the potential to trump everything else.

It means that fun is a competitive advantage.

Which brings up a few questions:

• How can you have more fun with prospects before they even begin their buying cycle?

• How can you make the buying process more fun for them?

• How can you help your customers have more fun after they’ve bought from you?

The answers to these questions can have a huge impact on your sales. Because fun is serious business.