If you want to increase your sales, it helps to understand why people buy things. The more you know about a prospect’s motivation, the more effectively you can position your product or service.

Be aware that I’m not talking about features. When determining why people buy, features are irrelevant. Because when a person buys a product or service, the purchase is merely a means to an end. It’s the “end” you’re interested in, and that varies from person to person and from situation to situation.

So why do people buy? Lots of reasons. Here are a few. People buy to:
• satisfy a basic survival need
• make their life easier
• make their job easier
• save money
• make money
• save time
• eliminate problems
• improve their safety
• reduce risk
• educate themselves
• impress others
• gain social acceptance
• stand out from the crowd
• improve their health
• enhance their image or appearance
• overcome their fears
• have some fun
• create memories
• feel loved
• express emotions
• improve their quality of life
• satisfy their curiosity
• prove they are right
• feel better about themselves
• gain an advantage over competitors
• beautify their surroundings
• avoid unpleasant work
• create better results
• ensure their children’s success
• take care of loved ones

Here are the next questions for you: Using the above list as a guide, why do people buy your product or service? How can you incorporate those reasons into your marketing? And how can you highlight those reasons in your sales presentation?

Most companies and salespeople are too fixated on the features of their offerings, resulting in a disconnect with buyers. When you focus instead on the real reasons people buy, both your marketing and sales efforts will be far more effective.