Why Hire a Heretic?

heretic (her-e-tik) n. one that dissents from an accepted belief or doctrine; innovator, nonconformist. From Greek hairetikos, able to choose. —Webster’s Third New International Dictionary

So many sales experts are just repeating the same old platitudes:

• “Sales is a numbers game, so do more prospecting.”
• “Ask good questions.”
• “Create rapport.”
• “Sell on emotion, not logic.”
• “Get referrals.”


Your people have already heard these exhortations again and again. The problem is, they’re easier said than done. What your people want to know is exactly how to do those things. (Details left out of most speakers’ presentations.)

“A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.”
—Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

And many speakers spout clichés that are actually counter-productive:

• “Buyers are liars.”
• “Ask ‘leading’ questions.”
• “Never take no for an answer.”
• “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.”
• “Always be closing.”

Following advice like this actually increases prospect discomfort, skepticism and resistance. Which of course leads to frustration, disappointment and lost sales.

It was precisely this type of frustration with traditional sales doctrine that led Don to develop fresh, innovative approaches. Approaches that have been enthusiastically embraced by thousands of salespeople, customer service agents and professionals.

“Without eccentrics, cranks and  heretics the world would not progress.”—Gelett Burgess

Further, Don gets specific.

• Rather than merely state “do more prospecting,” Don leads people through a simple, seven-step process that makes prospecting easier and more efficient.

• Instead of admonishing “close the sale,” Don illuminates the hidden reasons closing is so challenging and helps people transform their thinking so closing becomes effortless.

• While other speakers say “ask good questions,” Don actually gives your people the exact questions to ask! And not just generic questions—Don will create custom questions specifically for your group!

If you’re tired of antiquated advice and outmoded thinking, if you’re sick of generalizations and fallacies, if you’ve had your fill of banalities and conventional wisdom, then you’re ready for a heretic—The Sales Heretic™.

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