whos-on-your-sales-teamThe size of your sales team is obviously dependent on the size of your company. A sole proprietor is going to have a smaller sales force than an international corporation. But in either case, the sales team is not what you might think.

It’s easy—and natural—to consider your sales team as being composed of your salespeople, sales managers, and possibly a Sales VP. In truth, however, your sales team is much, much larger. It includes your:

• Marketing team
• Customer service reps
• Receptionist
• Administrative assistants
• Cleaning people
• Shipping department
• Designers
• Service providers
• PR team
• Engineers
• Factory workers
• Maintenance staff
• Delivery people
• Social media team
• Checkout clerks
• Project managers
• IT department
• Service technicians
• Accountants
• Lawyers
• Interns
• HR department
• Trainers
• Meeting & event planners
• Security guards
• Board of directors
• Procurement department
• Contractors
• Vendors
• Spokespeople
• Ad agency

In short, everyone from the CEO to the janitor is part of your sales team. Because everyone in your organization—either directly or indirectly—impacts the customer experience and thus affects sales.

Keep that in mind as you budget for various departments, hire and fire people, and provide training and recognition.

And if you’re a salesperson, be sure to thank everyone who helps you do your job. They’re an integral part of your sales team. And your sales success.