Most of us are our own worst enemy. We do things (or fail to do things) which sabotage our sales success.

Take a look at this list and give yourself an honest appraisal. How many of these are you guilty of?

1. Avoiding prospecting
2. Not listening
3. Making long, boring, ineffective presentations
4. Not knowing their competition well enough
5. Confusing features with benefits
6. Forgetting to follow up
7. Cutting their price
8. Not attempting to close
9. Failing to up-sell
10. Not asking for referrals

If you make one or more of these mistakes on a regular basis, try not to be too hard on yourself—they’re extremely common. But do make a concerted effort to correct them, because they’re holding you back.

Figure out what’s causing you to commit these errors and do something about it. Read a book, go to a training seminar or get some individual coaching. When you do, you’ll see your sales increase. Make no mistake about it.