Years ago when I dabbled in improv, we had a few rules that we tried to follow when we performed. One of them was “Never sit down.”

Improv almost requires performers to be in constant motion. When you’re standing, you have more physical options than when you’re sitting. While sitting was easy and comfortable, it limited what we could do. So, as much as possible, we avoided sitting down to prevent ourselves from becoming “trapped.”

The same thing can happen to salespeople, professionals, managers, even CEO’s. Doing what’s easy and comfortable can prevent us from moving in new directions. Routines can easily become ruts.

That can cause us to miss out on new opportunities and increased sales.

The solution? Keep moving.

Avoid the temptation to become complacent. Actively look for new ideas, approaches, markets, uses for your product, partnerships, ways to wow your customers, charitable endeavors, and other opportunities. Experiment, adjust, adapt, discard, improve. Just keep moving.

Because in business, if you sit still, someone’s going to outperform you.