Things Don Won’t Say

You and your audience want original thinking and fresh ideas, not tired, hackneyed clichés. You want unique insights that actually apply to you and your people, not the same old stories you’ve heard again and again. And you want real-world examples, not myths and legends.

Fortunately, Don feels the same way you do. After all, he wouldn’t be a heretic if he was just repeating the same stuff everyone else says. That’s why he guarantees you won’t hear any of the following words, phrases or stories in one of his presentations:

•    “Paradigm”
•    “Matrix”
•    “Deliverables”
•    “Synergy”
•    “Benchmark”
•    “Scalable”
•    “Optimization”
•    “Customer-centric”
•    “Actionable”
•    “Empowerment”
•    “Win/win”
•    “The next level”
•    “Outside the box”
•    “Moments of truth”
•    “Core competencies”
•    “Raise the bar”
•    “Knowledge base”
•    “The Butterfly Effect”
•    “Work smarter, not harder”
•    “Buyers are liars”
•    “Sell the sizzle, not the steak”
•    “Low-hanging fruit”
•    “Big fish in a small pond”
•    “Willy Loman”
•    “You have two ears and one mouth…”
•    The starfish story
•    The lighthouse story
•    The roast story
•    The lumberjack story
•    The Roger Bannister story
•    The Nordstrom tire story
•    The Cortez-burning-his-ships story
•    The “world’s greatest hitter” story
•    The monkeys and bananas story
•    The elephant and the stake story
•    The chauffeur and the lecturer story
•    The frog in boiling water story
•    The Yale goal-setting story

What will you hear? Hard to say, because every program Don does is so customized to your industry, products, services, goals, challenges, customers and competition.

And Don gets your attendees involved as well, sharing their stories, ideas and tactics. The result is an entertaining, insightful, interactive presentation filled with practical and specific ideas your audience can use immediately.

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