Ten Ways to Insult Your Sales ProspectsProspects are so annoying. They show up at the most inconvenient moments, they ask a lot of silly questions and they take up ridiculous amounts of your time. If only there was a simple way to get rid of them.

But wait, there is!

Just insult them.

“But how?” you’re wondering, “I’m such a nice person.”

Relax. It’s easy to insult prospects. Salespeople the world over have been doing it since the dawn of sales. If millions of other salespeople can insult their potential buyers, you can too! Here are ten proven ways:

1. Act like they’re an interruption in your day
Sigh. Frown. Let your irritation come through in your voice. Complain about how long and/or busy your day has been. Make your buyer feel like the burden they are. Amazingly, most people find this insulting!

2. Ignore them
This tactic works best when dealing with a couple or a group. Focus on one person and ignore everyone else. You run the risk of developing a connection with the person you’re talking to, but the certainty of offending the other people involved outweighs the risk.

3. Don’t listen to them
Look away while they’re talking. Flip through papers on your desk. Check your phone.

4. Bad-mouth the competitive products or companies they’re considering
When you insult the other products a person is considering, you also insult the person considering them.

5. Refuse to take them seriously
Smile patronizingly. Shake your head slowly while they talk. Avoid answering their questions.

6. Play games
Today’s buyers are more experienced and more savvy than ever. They know the old-school, manipulative tactics and games that salespeople have been taught for decades. Playing games like “I’ll need to talk with my manager…” is an insult to their intelligence that will cause them to run and never come back.

7. Dismiss their objections
After a test drive, a car salesman asked me how I liked the car. I told him it was good, although I didn’t like the digital speedometer. He replied, “You get used to it.” No, I didn’t, because I didn’t buy the car.

8. Assume they can’t afford it
Don’t let them see your pricier products and services. Steer them toward the cheapest options. Ask Oprah how effective this tactic is.

9. Speak condescendingly
Act like your buyer is a moron. Imply that what you’re talking about is over their head. Use words and phrases like “Obviously,” “Don’t worry about it” and “It’s technical.”

10. Use terms of endearment
A male prospect is not your “buddy,” “pal” or “friend.” And a female prospect is not “sweetie,” “baby” or “darling.” Calling a buyer by terms like these is guaranteed to insult and offend.

See how simple it is to insult prospects? Any idiot can do it.

How else have you seen salespeople insult buyers?