Stop Complicating ThingsWe live in complicated times. Everything from our clothes, to our phones, to our investments is more advanced, sophisticated, and complex. We have access to more information than ever before and we have more choices than ever before. Which leads to a problem.

We’re overwhelmed. We’re uncertain. We’re confused.

And that creates a problem for salespeople. Because a confused mind shuts down. When people have too many choices, they often don’t make one.

So simplify things for your prospect.

• Instead of giving prospects more information (which they already have too much of), help them sort the most important information from the less important.

• Instead of dumping lots of data in their lap, tell them a story.

• Instead of providing them with a plethora of choices, narrow their choices down for them and explain why those choices are the most appropriate ones for them.

• Instead of including every last detail in your presentation, focus only on the key items that matter most to your prospect (that you learned from asking questions during your needs analysis).

• Instead of slides packed with tiny words and numbers, show a photo or a video.

Buying shouldn’t be complicated, but it often is. If you can simplify the buying process for your prospects, they’ll buy from you.