Fear is an emotion every salesperson is all too familiar with. We struggle with the fear of rejection, the fear of looking stupid and the fear of failure, among others. Achieving success in sales, however, means conquering those fears.

In his terrific new book, Selling Fearlessly (Winthrop & Foster, $18.95), Robert Terson provides tools and tactics to help you overcome the fears that plague salespeople.

Terson lays out three elements (what he calls “The Triangle”) that are critical to selling without fear: Mental Attitude, Work Habits and Salesmanship. Most of the book is devoted to exploring these three factors, with practical advice on how to improve each of them.

The book is divided into 57 chapters, which may seem daunting, but most chapters are only two or three pages long. As a result, not only is each chapter easy to read, it’s also easy to say to yourself, “Just one more chapter.” Before you know it, you’ve consumed half the book, and looking forward to the rest.

Terson covers a lot of ground, including:

• How to protect your mental attitude.
• Why calling prospects back is typically a waste of time
• Whether or not you need to believe in your product or service
• Why and how to control the presentation environment
• The value of “Reverse Direction”
• How to make your presentations more powerful
• And much more.

A forty-year sales veteran, Terson knows what he’s talking about. He shares both his successes and his failures. (Some of which are side-splittingly funny.) Terson is an excellent storyteller, weaving vivid tales that both entertain and instruct.

Whether you’re new to sales and looking for a good overview to get you pointed in the right direction, or you’re an experienced salesperson looking for any and every edge you can get, Selling Fearlessly is a worthwhile read.

To connect with Robert Terson, visit SellingFearlessly.com or follow him on Twitter at @RobertTerson.