Real Life. Real World. Real Results.  

The people in your audience don’t want theory, conjecture or fluff. They didn’t travel thousands of miles (and if it’s an association event, pay thousands of dollars) to hear generalities, clichés and platitudes.

They want results.

That’s what Don Cooper delivers.

“I made $5,000 more in commissions this year thanks to Don’s program.”—Ron Wells, Boyd’s Marine

“Thank you for such a wonderful seminar. Later the same day I was able to apply a few of the key points during a negotiation that allowed me to close a contract I had not expected to!”—Rick Keaton, Ricksticks

Insights derived from experience. Strategies proven in real sales situations. Tactics created exclusively for them. That’s what your attendees will walk away with.

“Your dynamic presentations brought a significant lift to our retail-training program. I know of several success stories that resulted from the ideas and strategies you shared.”—Scott Iverson, Watkins Manufacturing Corporation

“Thank you for a wonderful presentation at Top Gun. My staff was very excited about their newfound tools. Also, your suggestions regarding using visual tools have inspired some great ideas for displays in the showroom.”—Kimberly Desler, Oregon HotSpring Spas

Whether you’re planning an association conference or a company sales meeting, you want your attendees to leave with practical ideas they can implement immediately. After all, it’s nice when your audience enjoys the speaker and has a good time at your event, but if their sales don’t go up as a result, was all the effort and expense worth it?

“A few hours after attending your program, I got a call from a prospect who compared my price with a competitor’s, which was $500 less. Instead of lowering my price to match (as I’ve always done in the past), I used one of the tactics you had just shared with us and it worked perfectly! I made the sale and the extra $500!”—MaryAnn Probert, Acomoclitic Laser & Wax Studio

“I have used Don’s techniques for the past year and have increased sales by 30%!”—Darren Fredrickson, Pacific Boatland

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