Sales ReferralsOne of the easiest ways to boost your sales is with referrals. A prospect who is referred to you is five times as likely to buy as any other type of prospect. And yet, too many salespeople, business owners and professionals don’t do a good job of asking for them.

Listen to my appearance on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio with Michele Price as I share insights and tactics that will help you maximize your referrals. In less than ten minutes, you’ll discover:
• How to make asking for referrals easier than ever
• The best time to ask for referrals
• How to help your customer think of good referrals for you
• The two mistakes most salespeople make when asking for referrals
• A simple tactic to increase your referrals quickly
• And more!

To listen, just click on the link below. Or to download the segment to listen later, right-click the link and select “Save Target As…”

How to Get More Referrals, Don Cooper on Breakthrough Business Strategies Radio (mp3)

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