photos in your sales effortsI recently received a marketing piece in the mail from a local car care company. It was an oversized postcard listing their services and specials. But what stood out were the two photos—for all the wrong reasons.

On the front was a large stock photo of a family standing on a porch. Huh? What does this image have to do with auto maintenance? If you’re going to use a photo in your sales and marketing efforts, make it a shot that relates to what you sell—your product, your facility, your employees, etc.

On the back was a photo of the shop’s owner. Much better, right? Except that the picture was awful. The owner wasn’t smiling, he was scowling. And whether because of bad lighting, bad camera settings or bad printing, he looked sweaty and grimy. Far from inspiring confidence, it actually made me uncomfortable. It looked more like a mug shot than a professional portrait.

Used correctly, photos can be a powerful tool for boosting your sales. Used incorrectly, they can actually work against you. Make sure your photos communicate the messages you want them to.

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