A lot of salespeople, professionals and business owners view conferences and conventions as a big waste of time. Attending such events takes them away from their day-to-day work, putting them further behind schedule than they already are.

Others view conferences as an excuse to get away from work for a few days and party on someone else’s dime.

But the truly savvy understand that conventions and conferences are huge opportunities to boost sales, both short-term and long-term. Because at such events, you can:
• Learn new skills
• Discover new strategies and tactics
• Pick up ideas from colleagues
• Keep up with changes in your industry
• Gain insights into your target markets
• Meet prospects
• Increase your brand awareness
• Expand your professional network
• Create alliances and cooperative efforts with competitors
• Get one-on-one time with hard-to-reach individuals
• Be inspired and energized

All of which can help you generate more sales, in some cases immediately.

There are three types of conferences you should consider attending on a regular basis:
1. Conferences for your industry
2. Conferences for your target markets
3. Sales conferences

Each type of event presents different opportunities for you, so make it a point to attend all three.

Too many events to attend? That can be an issue, especially for some industries or target markets. Pick and choose. Try different ones and determine which events give you the best payoff. If you’re a sales manager, VP or CEO, split your sales team up to maximize your coverage.

The important thing is to get out there. Conferences and convention do require a significant investment of time and money, but they can provide massive returns.