Infrequently Asked Questions

What’s Don’s shoe size?
10½ EE. His right foot is a little bigger than his left, which makes his boot-buying story all the more significant.

How does Don get his hair to look like that?
It’s a secret process handed down to him by Norwegian monks that involves six essential oils and the sap of the Bolivian Elm tree. There is no truth to the rumor that Don’s hair is insured for $12 million by Lloyd’s of London.

What is Don’s favorite book on sales?
The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. A classic to be read again and again.

How does Don stay in such great shape?
He lifts weights, runs and studies aikido.

What the heck is aikido?
It’s a Japanese martial art that emphasizes balance and energy rather than strength or speed. It focuses on redirecting an attacker’s energy and using it against them.

Is there any connection between aikido and sales?
Funny you should ask that. One of the principles of aikido is harmony, and when it comes to sales, we should be acting in harmony with our prospects. It’s not a battle with a winner and a loser, it’s a cooperative effort.

What was the first fiction Don wrote?
In third grade, he wrote a story called The Invasion of the Peanut Men. It was both science fiction and political satire. Although it earned an “A” it somehow was overlooked by the Pulitzer Prize committee.

What are Don’s favorite sports teams?
Having grown up in the Bay Area, Don is a life-long fan of the San Francisco 49ers and the World Champion San Francisco Giants!

Can I call him “Coop?”
Sure. A lot of his friends do. And if you’re reading this, you probably already are or soon will be a friend.

What keeps Don up at night?
Pondering the great questions of the ages. Like:
• Why don’t they make prune Jell-O?
• Can Superman see through lead crystal?
• Where does tire tread go?
• Can you cut Plexiglas with a fake diamond?
• Which came first, chicken salad or egg salad?

Dark, milk or white chocolate?
Dark. White chocolate doesn’t even count.

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