From Order-Taker to Sales Star

“They’re just order-takers,” complained the sales manager to me.


His telephone sales team was responsible for handling inbound calls from their clients. What frustrated him was that nobody ever attempted to increase the size or scope of the order and the company was leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table. “In my perfect world, everybody would add at least one thing onto every order they took.”

So far, nothing he had tried had made any impact. He wanted to know if I could help.

“Sure,” I said.

After researching the company’s business, interviewing sales team members, touring the facility and talking with their customers, I created and presented a seminar for his team, focused specifically on add-on sales.

A couple days after the presentation, I received this e-mail from the sales manager:

“Jim came into my office a few minutes ago. He told me
he had added at least one item onto every order he had
taken this morning. He was proud of that accomplishment.

I was stunned and still am. Jim is one of the hardest nuts
we have to crack around here, so congratulations Don!”

Are your people sales stars or order-takers?

Do they close every deal they could?

Do they discount when they shouldn’t?

How much money are YOU leaving on the table?

If you’d like to increase YOUR sales and profits, call or e-mail today and we’ll start talking about how we can create YOUR perfect world.

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