Every Purchase is a CompromiseEvery salesperson wishes they sold the perfect product or service. And some salespeople believe they sell the perfect one. But “perfect” doesn’t exist.

Because the reality is that every purchase we make is a compromise. From food, to clothing, to where we live, to legal representation, everything we buy is a compromise among myriad factors.

Let’s say you’re buying a new computer. Among the tradeoffs involved are:

• Quality
• Screen size
• Portability
• Processor speed
• Memory
• Ease of use
• Customer service
• Price

Or you’re shopping for a new car. There are even more tradeoffs to consider, including:

• Performance
• Cargo capacity
• Passenger capacity
• Exterior styling
• Fuel economy
• Safety
• Handling
• Legroom
• Ride comfort
• Ground clearance
• Color
• Luxury
• Reliability
• Price

Which means, whatever you sell, it represents a compromise for your buyer. And the important question for you is: What is your prospect willing to compromise on and what are they not willing to compromise on?

And the way you determine that is by asking them questions. Lots of questions, to learn their wants, needs, priorities, values, concerns, goals, preferences, fears, budget, and more.

The more you know about your prospect, the easier it is for you to make the case that your product or service—while not perfect—is the best compromise for them.