Do You Care About the Wrong Thing?You have an amazing product or service. It’s awesome. It’s the best on the market. It’s unique. It has the most features and benefits. It has the longest and most comprehensive warranty. And it’s the best value.

Naturally, you love your product or service. You’re proud to sell it. And you’re excited to extol its virtues to anyone and everyone who could use it.

And none of that matters. Because while you care about your product or service, your prospect doesn’t.

At all.

Your prospect cares about themselves. They care about the goal they’re trying to achieve or the problem they’re trying to solve. They care about their possessions, their finances, their health, their security, their ego, their happiness. They care about their company and their family.

And if you want to boost your sales, that’s what you need to care about as well.

As a keynote speaker and seminar leader, I frequently say this to my audiences: “Selling more of what you sell has nothing to do with what you sell. It has everything to do with your prospect.” Your product or service—as fantastic as it may be—is only a means to an end. The end is what your prospect truly cares about.

So whether you’re marketing, prospecting, qualifying, presenting, or closing, focus on your prospect. Key in on their needs, desires, fears, hopes, problems, and opportunities. The more you care about what your prospect cares about, the more of your product or service you’ll sell.