“I got no value out of the program…”

was one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever received.

I was delivering a program to an association group in Texas and one of the people in the audience was a man from a different industry who had come to preview me. After the presentation I asked him what he had thought.

He replied, “About halfway through, I thought to myself, ‘I’m not getting anything of value out of this program.’ But then I looked around and noticed that everyone around me was frantically scribbling down notes. And it occurred to me that when a presentation is extremely valuable to the group it’s delivered to, yet useless to anyone outside the group, that’s customization.”

To a lot of speakers, customization means putting your logo on their PowerPoint slides. To me, it means researching your industry, your products and services, and your audience. That way, your attendees get ideas and tactics specific to them, that they can implement immediately.

“Customization to our needs increased relevancy!”—Rick Hellman, Nissan Canada

In fact most of my work for corporate clients is custom built from the ground up exclusively for them. Anything from a single half-day seminar to a multi-day training program, delivered once or dozens of times, can be created for your company. You’ll get a unique presentation incorporating your brand, your culture, your terminology, your competition and more. (Click here for an example.) Just call or e-mail to discuss the parameters and pricing of your custom project.

“I appreciate the fact that Mr. Cooper took the time to research Line-X and was able to implement technical terms, lingo and existing Line-X programs and goals instead of a generic presentation.”—Michael Osman, Line-X of Miami

Whether you choose a keynote speech (or breakout session) from the list of available program titles or you invest in a completely custom program, you can rest assured that your audience will find it highly applicable to them.

“The entire session was directed at exactly what we do and there was no wasted or useless information. That was the best sales seminar I have ever attended! Thank you!!!”—Katy McDaniel, Lakeshore Sport

By the way, the farther in advance we talk, the more customizing I can do for you. So call or e-mail today!

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