Sales Perspectives 1


Suppose you’re checking into a hotel. You have a choice. You could have a room with the above view or….

you could have a room with this view:

Sales Perspectives 2


Which would you choose?

Odds are, you’d choose the room with the first view.

Of course you would. From the first room you can see sun, sky, water, trees, boats! From the second room you’re stuck looking at the adjacent building and some concrete rooftops. Bleah.

Here’s the thing, though:

They’re the same room.


Sales Perspectives 3


This is an actual room I was staying in at a recent conference in San Diego. While I could have chosen to focus on the view to the right, I chose instead to focus on the view to the left. That’s the view I was grateful for each morning when I woke up.

How we choose to see things tremendously affects our mood, our energy, our thinking and our actions. Our perspective impacts our results.

Do you see challenges or opportunities? Are you trying to sell stuff or are you trying to help people? Are you bitter about what you don’t have or grateful for what you do have? Is your product really expensive or is it really good, with a price that’s commensurate?

Never in life are situations 100% perfect. The question is, are you choosing to focus on what’s wrong or on what’s right? Your weaknesses or your strengths? The fact that you failed or the fact that you can still succeed?

You get to choose how you see everything in your business and personal life. If you don’t like what you see now, perhaps you need to start looking at things differently. Change your perspective, and you’ll change your sales, your relationships and your life.