Bundle Up for More SalesWhile grocery shopping yesterday, I saw a great sales tactic. The supermarket chain had assembled several different products into a “Flu Preparedness Kit.” The kit contained a disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, anti-bacterial soap and a box of tissues. Everything you need to combat the flu in one convenient package.

Bundling products or services together is a powerful sales tactic for several reasons:

1. It takes the thought out of the buying process, so it’s easier for the prospect to make up their mind. They only have to make one decision, rather than four or five. (Or twelve.)

2. Buyers perceive higher value, because they’re getting so much.

3. You can move slow-moving merchandise by hooking it to fast-moving merchandise.

4. You can sell more expensive, high-profit products or services faster by bundling them with cheaper, low-profit ones.

5. You can offer a discount, while still keeping your overall margin up, since the total size of the purchase is bigger than it would otherwise be.

So the question is, what can you bundle together? How can you create a package out of your offerings that provides increased value to your buyer while helping you achieve your sales goals?