Create A Kid-Friendly Business

By Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic™

How kid-friendly are you? Whether you’re marketing to children or their parents, the more hospitable your business is to children, the more sales you’ll make. 

For example, you might create a supervised play area where parents can leave their children while they shop. Consider putting small chairs in your waiting room so young kids don’t feel so uncomfortable. And be sure to place items you do want kids to see and touch down low to make it convenient for them.

Here are 33 other ideas for catering to kids and their parents:

1. Coloring books and crayons
2. A television
3. Video tapes
4. Blocks
5. Animals: fish, birds, hamsters, spiders, etc.
6. Children’s books
7. Magazines for a variety of ages
8. Candy or gumball machines
9. Model trains
10. Booster seats or high-chairs
11. Music
12. Puzzles
13. Water, soda, or juice
14. Diaper changing tables in both restrooms
15. Extra diapers and changing accessories
16. Puppets
17. Cartoons
18. A sandbox
19. Video games
20. Comic books
21. Popcorn
22. Temporary tattoos
23. Collector cards
24. Child-size food portions
25. Ice cream
26. Costumes and dress-up clothes
27. Balloons
28. A clown
29. Contests exclusively for kids
30. A computer with kid-oriented software
31. Face-painting
32. A treasure chest
33. Posters with hidden pictures

Whichever ideas you choose to use, keep in mind that the most important factor when dealing with children is to have a kid-friendly attitude. Everyone in your organization should always treat them with kindness, courtesy and respect.

After all, they’re your future customers.

© Don Cooper, The Sales Heretic™. 

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