Are You Using This Powerful Sales Word Enough?Words have power. And some words have more power than others. Some of the most powerful words you can use in your sales and marketing efforts include “free,” “proven,” and “you.”

There is one word, however, that is not just extremely powerful, it’s also highly versatile—giving you multiple opportunities to leverage its power to increase your sales. What’s the word?


“Only” is unique in that it works three ways:

First, it conveys scarcity of opportunity.
• “We only have two left in stock.”
• “They are only available for three months out of the year.”
• “We only accept six new clients a month.”

Scarcity creates desire and urgency, because people fear missing out. As a result, “only” encourages buyers to act now rather than waiting.

Second, it denotes exclusivity of a feature, function or benefit.
• “This is the only product that . . .”
• “This is the only service that also . . .”
• “We are the only company that . . .”
• “We are the only authorized . . .

Exclusivity is a selling point. People invariably want the best and exclusivity is associated in our minds with the best. Additionally, people like to feel that they are members of a select group, and the word “only” promises that feeling.

Third, it acts as a minimizer.
• “You only need to . . .”
• “Only three easy payments . . .”
• “Your investment is only . . .”

“Only” has the power to make numbers seem smaller. For example, psychologists have proven that people perceive “only $25” to be less than simply “$25.” The word “only” implies that the price could be—and in fact, should be—more, but isn’t, creating the impression of savings. For that reason, whenever you’re stating a price—whether verbally or in print—be sure to precede it with “only.”

There you have it. One word, three ways to use it to boost your sales. Are you taking full advantage of it?