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Outsell Your Competition: How to gain a massive edge in a tough marketplace


The sale doesn’t typically go to the best product or service, the biggest brand name or the lowest price. It typically goes to the best salesperson. And that person can be you.

“Excellent presentation! Don presented concepts I can put to immediate use.” —Courtney Berg, Courtside Consulting

In this 2½-hour program, you’ll discover:
• What your competitors are doing wrong and how you can profit from it
• The two most important sales skills and how to master them
• The three different types of prospects and how to deal with each of them
• How to quickly build rapport with your prospect
• The one thing you should never say to a prospect
• How to completely lower your prospect’s defenses
• The #1, most important word in sales
• How to increase your perceived credibility and professionalism
• The key to making the sale (It isn’t what you think!)
• How to uncover your prospect’s hidden concerns
• The secret to creating a great sales presentation effortlessly
• How to make your presentation superior to everyone else’s
• And much more!

“Don really opened my eyes to things I was totally overlooking.”—Amy Beth Stewart, BASS Creative

Available as three audio CD’s—ideal for listening in your car—or as three DVD’s with a bonus disc containing handouts and a leader’s guide—perfect for training a small team!

“I have used Don’s techniques for the past year and have increased sales by 30%!”—Darren Fredrickson, Pacific Boatland


 3 DVD’s + Bonus Disc
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3 CD’s
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The Myth of Price: Why you should charge more and how to do it

Stop throwing your profits away!

You can make a lot more money by simply discounting less and charging more. Don’t think you can? Just wait—immediately after this revealing program you’ll be raising your prices and reaping the rewards.

“After seeing Don’s presentation, I had the confidence to raise my prices. My customers had no problem paying the new prices!”—Leigh Dyer, In Dire Need

In this 45-minute program, you’ll discover:
• Why you should probably increase your prices today
• The keys to outselling your low-price competitors
• What to do when your prospect pressures you for a discount
• How to make your higher prices a selling point
• The Jedi mind-trick prospects use against you and how to combat it
• The one thing you must always do with your prospect
• The huge problem with “value-added” selling and what to do about it
• What people really mean when they say price is important
• The big secret your prospect doesn’t want you to know
• When and how to strategically discount
• How to make your price seem like a bargain
And much more!

“Lots of value and good information in a short time.”—Bill Sinclair, Agelio Networks

Whether you’re new to sales or a seasoned veteran, you’ll pick up practical insights and tactics you’ll be able to use immediately.

“A few hours after attending your program, I got a call from a prospect who compared my price with a competitor’s, which was $500 less. I used one of the tactics you had just shared with us and it worked perfectly! I made the sale and the extra $500!”  —MaryAnn Probert, Acomoclitic Laser & Wax Studio

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