39-things-to-let-go-of-to-boost-your-salesPlanes, trains, and automobiles—and boats too, now that I think about it—all have something in common: The more stuff they’re loaded down with, the harder it is for them to get going, the slower they move, and the shorter the distance they can go.

You are exactly the same. The more stuff you’re loaded down with, the harder it is for you to make progress as well.

The reality is, we’re all carrying at least some baggage—physical and psychological, as well as emotional. But the more you can unload that baggage, the more you can free yourself of its burden, enabling you to go farther and faster. Which means more sales in less time.

What kinds of things are potentially holding you back from achieving the success you want and deserve? Here are 39 things to let go of:

1. Your ego
2. The need to be right
3. What worked in the past
4. Fear of rejection
5. Any and all limiting beliefs
6. Over-promising to prospects and customers
7. Anger
8. Sense of entitlement
9. Preconceived notions and assumptions
10. Negative self-talk
11. Procrastination
12. The belief that you know everything
13. Technophobia
14. People who drain your time and energy without giving anything back
15. Guilt
16. Over-committing yourself
17. The need to be liked
18. Comparing yourself to others
19. Fear of failure
20. Blame shifting
21. Worry
22. Taking your customers for granted
23. Being judgmental
24. Self-sabotaging behaviors
25. Bitterness
26. Fear of asking for help
27. Passive aggressiveness
28. Unwillingness to change
29. Conflict avoidance
30. Jealousy
31. Pushing yourself too hard
32. Fear of public speaking
33. The need to control everything
34. Resentment
35. Activities that aren’t producing results
36. Insecurity
37. Negative influences
38. Smoking
39. The willingness to settle for mediocrity

To be fair, divesting yourself of many of these items is difficult. Which is why it can be very helpful to work with a mentor, a coach, and/or a therapist. But make no mistake, the more of these things you can free yourself from, the better your sales will be, and the happier and more successful you will be.