In sales training, we often spend a lot of time discussing what prospects and customers want. However, there are a lot of things that buyers don’t want, and being aware of these can be equally important to your sales.

Because the things buyers don’t want are what keep them from buying, or  at least buying from a particular seller. In other words, these are the things that kill potential sales.

Specifically, buyers don’t want to be:
1. Insulted
2. Pressured
3. Hassled
4. Questioned about their judgment
5. Bored
6. Lied to
7. Made to feel uncomfortable
8. Harangued
9. Overcharged
10. Belittled
11. Subjected to profanity
12. Ignored
13. Taken advantage of
14. Embarrassed
15. Overwhelmed
16. Made to feel like an interruption
17. Berated
18. Misled
19. Condescended to
20. Offended by noxious odors
21. Rushed
22. Confused
23. Disappointed
24. Forced to waste their time
25. Ripped off
26. Angered
27. Made to feel stupid
28. Disgusted
29. Inconvenienced
30. Abandoned
31. Taken for granted

Great companies and salespeople know how vital it is to prevent existing and potential customers from experiencing any of these things. Print out this list and make sure everyone in your organization—not just salespeople, everyone—understands its importance.

And feel free to add to the list. What else do you think should be on it?