26 Ways to Boost Your Customer LoyaltyEvery business wants more customer loyalty. Loyal customers are the easiest and fastest to sell to. They buy more often. They don’t beat you up on price. They forgive you when you make a mistake or encounter a problem. They tell other people about you. Loyal customers are pure sales gold.

But loyalty is a two-way street. You have to earn loyalty. And you earn it by exhibiting it.

Are you being loyal to your clients? Are you taking great care of them consistently? Are you demonstrating—rather than merely stating—your appreciation?

Here are 26 ways you can exhibit loyalty to your customers:

1. Greet them by name
2. Remember their preferences
3. Reduce their waiting time
4. Give them your best pricing
5. Upgrade them
6. Give them a bonus
7. Waive a late fee or finance charge
8. Invite them to events
9. Customize your product or service for them
10. Resolve their problems quickly
11. Give them gifts
12. Feed them
13. Stay in regular communication with them
14. Don’t give new clients better deals than you give existing ones
15. Ask for their input on new offerings
16. Provide them with information to enhance their life or business
17. Make their buying process faster and easier
18. Offer them exclusive deals and sales
19. Give them a dedicated phone number, web site, or contact person
20. Let them be the first to try new products and services
21. Keep them updated when problems or opportunities arise
22. Buy from them
23. Refer business to them
24. Publicize them
25. Donate to their favorite charities
26. Ask them how you can improve

How many of these actions are you taking on a regular basis? The more you do, the stronger your customers’ loyalty will be.

Customers become loyal to a company when the business makes them feel appreciated, important, and cared for. When you are devoted to your customers, they’ll be devoted to you.