24 Ways to Make Customers Feel SpecialEveryone wants to feel special. It’s a basic human emotional need. And as I—and many other sales experts—have noted repeatedly, buying decisions are emotional at their core.

Which means the more you can fulfill your prospect’s emotional needs, the more likely they are to buy from you, and the more frequently they’ll buy from you.

With that in mind, here are 24 ways you can make prospects and customers feel special:

1. Compliment them
2. Praise them
3. Listen intently and empathetically
4. Give them a free sample or trial
5. Give them a bonus
6. Upgrade them
7. Offer them special pricing
8. Offer them extended financing terms
9. Provide them with priority service
10. Give them your cell phone number
11. Offer sneak previews
12. Give them first crack at new products or services
13. Send a card (for any reason other than Christmas)
14. Send a handwritten note
15. Make a non-sales-related phone call
16. Interview them for an article or podcast
17. Send articles related to their business, industry, or interests
18. Give them a gift (at any time, for any reason)
19. Give them a gift certificate or gift card (NOT a coupon!)
20. Ask about their family, pets, or hobbies
21. Buy from them
22. Send them referrals
23. Publicize them
24. Support their favorite charity

Every person and situation is different, so pick and choose which ideas are the best fit for any particular prospect or client. Just be sure to use at least one tactic with each of them, because (as I said at the beginning of this post, weren’t you paying attention?) everyone wants to feel special.

Each of these tactics requires only a small amount of time and effort, and half of them are free. But the impact they create can be tremendous.

Make your buyer feel special and you’ll be special to them.