Things Buyers FearWhile buying something new can be exciting, it can also be scary. And as salespeople, we can get so caught up in the excitement part, we forget just how scared our prospects can be.

And that’s dangerous for us. Because if a prospect is too scared, they won’t buy.

What exactly are buyers afraid of? Lots of things. Including:

1. The unknown
2. Buying the wrong product/service
3. Losing money
4. Delays
5. Missing out on opportunities
6. Being unable to upgrade or expand
7. Unexpected future expenses
8. The product/service won’t work
9. Not being able to return product
10. Being stuck in a contract
11. Getting sick or injured because of the product/service
12. Company not taking care of them after the sale
13. Having personal information stolen
14. Being embarrassed
15. Not being able to use the product/service
16. Their recipient won’t like the gift
17. Spending too much money
18. The product breaking or wearing out quickly
19. The results of the service not lasting
20. Things going to waste
21. Looking bad to their boss, team, spouse or kids

Even one of these fears can paralyze a buyer and prevent the sale. Which means we need to address their fears and resolve them in our sales process. Otherwise we’ll be bombarded with objections, put off indefinitely, or lose the sale to someone who’s better at allaying our prospect’s fears than we are.

So which of the above fears potentially afflict your buyers? How can you acknowledge them and alleviate them before they derail the buying process?

When you confront your buyer’s fears head-on, you make it easier for them to buy. And that makes closing easier for you. Because then the only thing your prospect has to fear, is missing out on the awesomeness of your product or service.

What else have you found that buyers fear? Leave them in the comments below!