17 Places to Look for New ProspectsWondering where your next sales lead is coming from? Wonder no more! There are lots of places to find potential prospects—some in the physical world and some in the digital. Here are—in alphabetical order—17 of them:

1. Associations
2. Chambers of Commerce
3. Directories
4. Facebook
5. Google ads
6. Industry events
7. Instagram
8. Lead-sharing groups
9. Linkedin
10. Mailing lists
11. Networking events
12. Pinterest
13. Snapchat
14. Trade shows
15. Twitter
16. Your existing customers
17. YouTube

Each of these options has multiple opportunities for reaching potential buyers. Pick three or four places to devote your time and figure out how to maximize your investment in each. If something doesn’t work, tweak what you’re doing or try another place altogether.

The important thing for your sales is not to sit around waiting for prospects to find you. They may find your competition first, or they may never even realize they need you. Instead, go after them. You know where they are.