Things Your Sales Prospect Doesn’t Care AboutToo many salespeople, professionals and business owners are way too in love with themselves and their products and services. As a result, they spend far too much time throughout the sales process talking about things the prospect doesn’t remotely care about.

It wastes your time and theirs, leaving everyone annoyed, frustrated and cursing each other under their breath.

The simple fact is, your prospect doesn’t care about:
1. Your product
2. Your service
3. Your processes
4. Your research
5. Your people
6. The history of your company
7. The size of your company
8. Your mission statement
9. Your marketing materials
10. Your awards
11. Your quota
12. Your commission
13. Your profit margin
14. You

What do prospects care about?
1. Themselves
2. Their family
3. Their friends
4. Their pets
5. Their company
6. Their job
7. Their causes

Get it?


If you want to increase your sales, stop focusing on the things prospects don’t care about and start focusing on the things they do care about. Everybody will be a lot happier.