One of the most powerful elements of LinkedIn is the ability to join and participate in groups. You can post, comment on and follow discussions; post and read news and blog articles; and find new connections.

There are three types of groups you should join: groups related to your industry, groups related to your target markets and groups related to sales. While I can’t help you with the first two, I can recommend some great groups in the third category.

Here are 14 sales-related groups you should consider joining:
   1. Innovative Mktg, PR, Sales, Word-of-Mouth & Buzz Innovators 
   2. Inside Sales Association
   3. Integrated Alliances 
   4. Marketing & Communication Network 
   5. National Association of Sales Executives 
   6. ! Sales Best Practices   
   7. Sales Concierge    
   8. Sales Management Association    
   9. Sales Playbook! 
   10. Sales Training Execution   
   12. SalesLab
   13. SalesPro 
   14. The Sales Association 

In addition, there are many sales-related groups that are focused on a specific region such as The New York Metro Sales Connection, Chicago Sales Networking, Atlanta Sales Professionals and Sales, Marketing, Technical and Senior Executive Club-Asia Pacific.

So check out these groups, join some or all of them and participate!