13 Things You Need to Hate In Order to Succeed in SalesLove is great and everything, what with it being a many-splendored thing, and conquering all, and making the world go round. And in fact I’ve discussed previously the value of love in your sales efforts.

But hate is also a powerful emotion. And it has its place in sales as well. Here are thirteen things it is perfectly okay for you to hate:

1. Losing
2. Wasting time
3. Lying
4. Manipulative, high-pressure sales tactics
5. Being bored
6. Missed opportunities
7. Seeing people being disrespected or treated badly
8. Excuses
9. Not knowing things
10. Seeing people being taken advantage of
11. Being late
12. Letting people down
13. Complacency

Note that one item that’s not on this list is “Your Competition.” That’s because you shouldn’t hate them. As a general rule, you should like and respect them. After all, they push you and your company to be better, which benefits your customers.

Hate isn’t always a bad thing. In the right context, it can be a powerful motivator to enhance your knowledge and skills, and better serve your customers. So let your hatred of the above items drive your quest for self-improvement and higher sales. Let’s give hate some love.