Want to increase your sales and profits right now? Tired of sales training and keynote speeches full of dogma, clichés and platitudes? Then you want Don Cooper—The Sales Heretic™! Just click on one of the tabs above or headlines below to learn how Don can help you.

Sales Training

Are you a sales manager or VP looking for someone who can help your sales team blast through your sales goals? Don’s customized sales training programs will enable your people to sell more than they ever have before.

“I’ve used Don’s sales techniques for the past year and have increased sales by 30%!”—Darren Fredrickson, Pacific Boatland

Keynotes and Breakout Sessions

Are you a meeting planner looking for a keynote speaker who will attract more attendees to your next conference? Don will provide you with powerful marketing tools that will boost your attendance.

“Thanks to the marketing tools you gave us to promote the event, we set an all-time attendance record!”—Tracy Taylor-Sea, Longmont Chamber of Commerce

Personal Sales Training Resources

Are you a salesperson, business owner or professional looking for tips and techniques for increasing your sales? Consider this your own personal sales training site. You’ll find free articles, radio interviews and other helpful resources here. And be sure to sign up for Don’s e-zine to get more original thinking delivered straight to your inbox.

“Lots of good information!”—Bill Sinclair, Agelio Networks

Pithy. Practical. Proven.

Whether you need a keynote speech that’s both entertaining and insightful, or a custom half-day, full-day or even multi-day sales training seminar, Don Cooper—The Sales Heretic™—is your answer. Having spent more than two decades in sales, marketing, management, training and customer service, Don brings real-world experience to his fast-paced, high-content presentations. Audiences rave about his energy, his humor and his ability to apply original, cutting-edge ideas to their specific challenges.

“You were a big hit at our WACE conference, receiving the highest rating of all of our general session speakers.”—Dave Kilby, Western Association of Chamber Executives

Why Hire a Heretic for Your Next Meeting?

Your people face increased competition, tightened budgets, skeptical prospects and ruthless discounters. They don’t want generic advice (that they’ve heard before)—they want specifics that are applicable to them. Don’s highly customized keynote speeches and training seminars are tailored to your particular industry, products, services, strengths and challenges, resulting in practical ideas and insights your people can apply immediately. They’ll receive so many innovative strategies and tactics that their biggest difficulty will be deciding which ones to use first.

“I have heard lots of professional speakers and got more useable information tonight than any before!”—Jodi Turner, The Pampered Chef

Are you satisfied simply doing what everyone else is doing?
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